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Swanson, C. J. (2021). Varied experiences of science education in Auckland primary schools: Siloed, integrated, or somewhere in between?. Teachers and Curriculum, 21, 65–75. https://doi.org/10.15663/tandc.v21i0.365


The way science education is positioned and practised in New Zealand primary schools varies widely. In this qualitative case study, participants in senior management from five Auckland primary schools were asked how they perceived science, how it was taught and reasons for the pedagogical approaches chosen. It was clear all schools were different in terms of population and the pedagogical approaches used to teach science. Science was taught in a range of configurations—from siloed to transdisciplinary integrative approaches and by classroom teachers, specialists and outside providers. The schools in this study who saw ‘science as everywhere’ and practised collaborative teaching were more likely to teach science through integration.


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