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Hook, G. (2023). Meeting the principles of inclusion in mainstream education for students with Autism/Takiwātanga in Aotearoa: A scoping review. Teachers and Curriculum, 23(1). https://doi.org/10.15663/tandc.v23i1.421


This review provides an overview of the literature related to inclusive education for students with autism/takiwātanga in Aotearoa. A search of peer-reviewed literature identified 49 potentially relevant publications; of these, 13 met the inclusionary criteria. The reviewed publications addressed issues of how best to achieve inclusive education in Aotearoa as well as teachers’ and teacher aides’ impact on teaching and learning. Findings suggest a need for more support and professional development for teachers and teacher aides in order to effectively create inclusive classroom/school environments which support the learning needs of students with autism/takiwātanga. The need for a whole-school approach to inclusion is highlighted as a key pathway towards inclusive education. These ideas are discussed in relation to implications for further research and the provision of effective mainstream education for autistic students in Aotearoa.


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