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O’Toole, C. (2023). The role of teachers in supporting students’ mental health. Teachers and Curriculum, 23(1). https://doi.org/10.15663/tandc.v23i1.428


This literature review investigates the perception of secondary teachers about their role of supporting and promoting students’ mental health and whether teachers feel equipped to fulfil the requirements of this role. Analysis of 13 research articles published between 2008–2022 indicated that most secondary teachers, across five countries, understand the role they play in their students’ lives and that supporting students' mental health is an aspect of their role. However, it was also found that many teachers do not feel well-prepared to adequately support students’ mental health due to a lack of adequate mental health training. Implications for practice, training, and future research within an Aotearoa New Zealand context are discussed in relation to schools and teachers providing support to students with mental health concerns and the promotion of positive mental health.


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