Personalised learning with mobile technologies in mathematics: An exploration of classroom practice

Helen Willacy, Amie West, Carol Murphy, Nigel Calder


Personalised learning is generally understood to be of benefit to students’ learning. In addition, the flexible nature of mobile technologies (MTs) and the variety of available apps are seen to respond to the needs of individual students, and hence have the potential to support personalised learning. This paper reports on an aspect of a larger research project that investigated the use of mobile technologies in primary mathematics classrooms. Personalised learning was determined as one theme that emanated from the teachers’ and students’ use of MTs, and this paper aims to investigate how personalised learning was evidenced within the practice of three teachers. Video data of classroom practice were used to analyse the use of MTs within the theme of personalised learning. Four pathways to personalised learning emerged, enabling a more practical understanding of different types of personalisation afforded by MTs. 


Personalised learning; mobile technologies; primary mathematics

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