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Teachers and Curriculum is an online peer-reviewed publication supported by Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research (WMIER), Faculty of Education, The University of Waikato, Hamilton 3240, New Zealand. It is directed towards a professional audience and focuses on contemporary issues and research relating to curriculum pedagogy and assessment.


2017 Special Issue: Nigel Calder and Carol Murphy

2018 General Issue: Kerry Earl Rinehart, Carolyn Swanson and Judith Mills

Editorial Committee:

  • Nigel Calder
  • Bronwen Cowie
  • Kerry Earl
  • Philippa Hunter
  • Judith Mills
  • Carol Murphy
  • Kirsten Petrie
  • Carrie Swanson
  • Richard Edwards

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Acknowledgement to Reviewers


Thank you to the reviewers for their contribution to the process and quality of our upcoming issue. Many thanks to those who also helped with a review but the paper did not make it to this issue. The Editorial Board of Teachers and Curriculum also wishes to thank our reviewers for 2017. We appreciate your time, effort and expertise, and we want to say we value your contribution to the quality of the journal.

Elaine Khoo, Kathrin Otrel-Cass, Christof Schreiber, Mehmet Ocal, Judy Bailey, Liz Reinsfeld, Claudio Aguayo, Ngarewa Hawera, Piata Allan, Wing Bo Tso, Sue Jowsey, Monique Roser, Constanza Tolosa, Jennifer Charteris, Una Cunningham, Sandra Williamson-Leadley, David Giles, Noeline Wright, Bill Ussher Carolyn Swanson, Martha Bell, Bronwen Cowie, Nigel Calder, Kerry Earl, Robert Rinehart, Alistair Lamb, Carol Murphy.

Posted: 2018-06-01
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Vol 18, No 1 (2018)

Table of Contents


Focusing on teachers as learners in professional learning communities
Carolyn Swanson, Kerry Earl Rinehart, Judith Mills


Introduction to papers in this issue
Judith Mills, Kerry Earl Rinehart, Carolyn Swanson

Primary and Secondary Articles

Claire Coleman, Kelly Davis
Pamela Perger, Karen Major, Robyn Trinick
Pamela Perger, Karen Major
Carol Murphy, Abdullah Abu-Tineh, Nigel Calder, Nasser Mansour

Tertiary Articles

Sherrie Lee
Caitlin Clarke, Doo Jae Park, Matthew Bryan Haugen, Synthia Sydnor
Susie Kung, David Giles, Bev Rogers

Think pieces: One useful idea

Numeracy is more than number: The teaching of mathematics for numeracy
Judith Mills
Thinking about bus journeys to school: A playful approach to working through lived experiences with young travellers
Cathy Gristy, Joanne Whalley, Lee Miller
The end of national standards: An opportunity to find creativity in primary mathematics?
Judy Bailey
Factors to consider for the successful implementation of video for professional learning
Phillipa Cosgriff